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  • Great Expectations and Tomball, Texas - A Powerful Partnership!

    “Great Expectations has been the most rewarding and transformational program I have experienced in my 20-year career.  However, it is so much more than just a “program” as the 8 Expectations for Living and GE Life Principles impact our stakeholders while on campus and extend beyond the walls of our building.  Read More...

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Instructor Spotlight

Jenniffer Callaway, a career educator, has worked with Great Expectations for 15 years. Jenniffer is a  Nationally Board Certified teacher whose career spans teaching students ages 4 - 75 in grades preK - higher education.

Recently, Jenniffer earned a PhD in Educational Psychology with a research focus in student engagement and students’ future aspirations. The results support what we all know, teachers matter.

Jenniffer’s contributions to the field of education include creating award winning curriculum, designing lessons promoting Action Based Learning and helping students who had previously struggled in school succeed academically and complete their goal to graduate high school and attend college.

Jenniffer states, “Much of the success of my teaching career stems from the foundational tenets and practices I learned from Great Expectations Professional Development.”

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