6th – 12th Literature for Vision, Goal-setting, and Self-Reflection

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What Do You Do With An Idea by Kobi Yamada 

Plot Summary: A young boy has an idea. The idea starts as a small golden  in the boy's colorless world. It follows him everywhere. He can't get rid of it. The boy is afraid that his idea will not be liked by others, so he protects his idea and hides it. But soon, the idea starts to grow and the boy starts feeling better about his idea. He starts nurturing it and one day it breaks open, free, and adds new colors to the boy's life. The final line of the story is, "So what do you do with an idea? You change the world."

What To Do With An Idea Lesson Plan  3-4th grades
What To Do With An Idea  video  2:53 min.  Read Aloud of book

Grades 6 – 8th



Grades 6 – 12

"Big Rocks" - Habit 3 - Put First Things First

Jar of Life: Put Important Things First   8:18 min.

The Empty Pickle Jar - A Lesson on Life    3:05 min.  Slightly different version of the “Big Rocks”

Big Rocks Planning Article

I Can't Accept Not Trying": Michael Jordan on the Pursuit of Excellence   Michael Jordan 

Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to three NBA Championships. When he retired from professional basketball in 1993 he stunned the sports world by announcing his intention to begin a professional baseball career. 'I Can't Accept Not Trying' is Jordan's personal creed and a message for anyone who aspires to greater heights or grander dreams.

Excerpt from " I Can't Accept Not Trying": Michael Jordan 

Michael Jordan I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying."  video  1:00 min.

Work Before Glory - Michael Jordan  1:04 min.