Learning from Lincoln: Leadership Practices for School Success

Learning from Lincoln: Leadership Practices for School Success

by Harvey Alvy and Pam Robbins

As a collector of books about Abraham Lincoln, I was delighted when this month's ASCD selection was about our 16th President.  Couple that with the fact that one of my latest areas of research is the power of leadership in the school setting, and you can see why I was so excited at its arrival.   I dug in immediately and began reading!

Ten leadership qualities and skills are discussed in this book.  Each is brought to life with amazing stories, memorable writings and famous speeches of Abraham Lincoln.  When examined through the light of these ten skills, the reader sees clearly why Abraham Lincoln is one of the most renowned leaders of all time.  We have much to learn by studying his words and actions.

"Lincoln's life and leadership provide profound examples and lessons for school principals, teacher leaders, district leaders, and other individuals with leadership responsibilities,"  point out the authors.  The ten leadership qualities and skills are important for school leaders and have direct application for our day-to-day jobs.   We all have shared leadership roles in making our schools the optimum learning environment for our students!

On a side note, this school year 68 leadership teams of principals and lead teachers- some from Great Expectations Model  Schools and some from OKCPS schools on that GE journey- are taking part in Great Expectations Leadership Training.  We will, no doubt, be discussing this book during future training sessions!  I encourage anyone who cares about young people and their educational settings to read Learning from Lincoln: Leadership Practices for School Success as a tool for self-examination as well as inspiration.

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