Kim Pitner

Armed with her educational knowledge, imagination, intuition, drive, and incredible courage, Kim Pitner began working for Great Expectations in August, 2000, as a Coach. She is a dedicated, caring professional who has been a staunch supporter of Great Expectations since its inception. She was a teacher in one of the twenty-five pilot schools that launched Great Expectations in 1991.

Her experiences and discoveries associated with Great Expectations implementation were important in preparing her to become a Coach. Respected, admired, and held in the highest regard by those who know her, Kim’s work as a Coach is praised for its integrity, conscience, and heartfelt dedication. She feels blessed to be living her personal philosophy and improving the instructional methods of teachers across the state of Oklahoma.

Kim is a native of Oklahoma. She received her Associate of Arts degree from Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton, Oklahoma, and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma. Prior to joining the Great Expectations staff, she spent ten years teaching first and sixth grades at Eugene Field Elementary in McAlester, Oklahoma, where she was a master teacher.

She was selected by her building principal to serve as a Great Expectations instructional facilitator for three years. Her responsibilities, in addition to teaching full-time, included helping less knowledgeable teachers in her school implement the Great Expectations methodology.

She was awarded the McAlester Public Schools “Flying Buffalo Leadership Award” in 1999.

In addition to her masterful work in the classroom, Kim was actively involved in professional organizations and activities outside the classroom. She has also been a Great Expectations Summer Institute instructor for ten years. In 2000, Kim became a member of the Great Expectations Coach Leadership team and currently serves schools in the Southeast Region of Oklahoma.

On a personal note, Kim and her husband, Cliff, have three children and four wonderful grandchildren.