During the 2012-13 school year, the BPSD became the first school district in the nation to be named a GE Model District and continued the tradition of excellence this year as a 2013-14 GE Model District.

“For the second year in a row, I am very excited to call our district a Great Expectations Model District. Great Expectations has made an extremely positively impact on our staff, students and the culture of our school district,” said BPSD Superintendent Dr. Gary W. Quinn.

To become a Model District, representatives from Great Expectations toured each school site and examined the culture of the school and how GE practices and principles were being incorporated. To become a Model School, 90% or more of teachers must be implementing 100% of the GE practices in the classroom on a daily basis. Each BPSD school site met the criteria outlined by GE, allowing the BPSD to be named a Model District for the second straight year.

The vision to become a Model District was created by the BPSD Board of Education and BPSD administrators. The goal was outlined in the 2017 Strategic Plan,”GPS 2017.”

With a goal of motivating, inspiring and challenging individuals to achieve excellence in learning and living, Great Expectations has transformed the climate in schools throughout the Bartlesville Public School District and enhanced the learning experience for students. The Model District accomplishment is a testament to the many great people throughout the district. BPSD staff and students have all acknowledged the importance of GE and the role it plays within the district. The buy-in and strong support have allowed the BPSD to become a Model District in consecutive years.
The BPSD will continue to work hard to uphold the expectations that are associated with being a Model District. As part of being a Model District, schools from around the state will travel to Bartlesville to discover what a GE Model School looks like.

Quinn added,”I am extremely proud of our Model District achievement, and we will continue working toward bettering the climate and culture in our district. It is my hope that we will once again be named a Model District next year. Thank you to our great staff and students for making this accomplishment possible.”