Checking for Understanding

Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom
By: Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

This book has great worth providing nonstop structures and strategies for the teacher to check student understanding throughout instruction and assessments. 

Checking for Understanding affords a variety of strategies for the teacher to consider as students reflect, discuss, process, and assess their assignments, tasks, or projects. Fisher and Frey’s techniques highlight the importance of building trust, depth of understanding, and promoting meaningful discussions with a peer and/or in small groups. Students are taught methods for examining their work, justifying answers, creating responses, and participating in ‘accountable talk’. Activities, structures, and strategies in this book incorporate the three upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students benefit as they learn skills for monitoring their own work such as restating information, asking questions for reasoning, asking for peer assistance when needed, and providing examples. Checking for Understanding offers the teacher valuable methods and strategies for intervention, instruction, and assessment.

Review by Betty Flurry

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