Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading

by Tanny McGregor

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words! I remember the first time I watched the object lesson of the rocks and the jar that Stephen Covey used to show the impact of attention to the priorities in my life.  Each time I see that demonstration, I am able to peel back another layer of understanding and depth to the lesson. Through reflection on my life and my priorities, I have become focused and more effective in my job, relationships, and faith.  I call that learning.

Imagine a Reading Salad!  If reading is a symphony of text and thinking, then how do students decide how much of each will make the best reading salad? Not just words (lettuce) but visualization (tomatoes), critical thinking (cucumbers), and many more flavorful skills. With some specific strategies any book can become an opportunity to create meaning and opinion rather than just recalling fact. 

In the book, Comprehension Connections, the author focuses on the stages of learning and models the use of object lessons to develop lasting understanding.  Tanny McGregor is an eighteen year veteran teacher who has a passion for reading.   She has developed a systematic approach to reading comprehension that delves deeper into text than most reading programs offer.

Through the use of key vocabulary, content maps, and object lesson, students are able to analyze their reading strategies and build skills for greater success.  This book is an easy read and will be hard to put down.  The ideas are easy to implement and results will be impressive.  Reading can be fun!

Review by GE Mentor, Kim Pitner

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