CORE SIX- Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core

by Harvey F. Silver, R. Thomas Dewing and Matthew J. Perini.

Floods of books are now on the market purporting to help us prepare for the Common Core State Standards.  Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon!  Fortunately, this month’s reviewed book has a  fresh new approach to this challenge.  It provides concrete examples of six key strategies that can be used immediately by every teacher to raise the achievement level of students!
In the Foreword, Heidi Hayes Jacobs tells the reader “you hold a genuine edu-toolkit loaded with clear, specific strategies to help you and your colleagues address key Common Core-related challenges at all grade levels.”  This book indeed focuses on six core practices that all students need to cultivate to become independent learners.  The Core Six are 
1. Reading for Meaning 4. Circle of Knowledge
2. Compare and Contrast 5. Write to Learn
3. Inductive Learning 6. Vocabulary’s CODE

For each, examples are provided for classroom practice with suggested phases, questions, and activities to assist any teacher in any subject.  The book is loaded with charts, activity excerpts, images, and text features that make it easy for all teachers to implement the strategies.  The Great Expectations coaches have already been using this book effectively with many teachers!  It would be an excellent choice for a book study with teachers at your school.