Mini PaC ‘G’: Life Principle Posters and Quote Posters

Mini PaC ‘G’: 9 Life Principle Simplified Definition Posters and 2-4 Quote Related Posters with and without borders. Includes Basic Lesson plan for Life Principle Instruction, a Quote Lesson plan, and Life Principles: Cooperation, Courtesy, Esprit De Corps, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Friendship, Loyalty, Patience, and Respect

(Simplified definitions ideal for Lower Elementary, E.S.L., and other Special Classes.)

66 pages



 Student: “It’s too hard! I can’t do it!”

 Traditional Approach:

Teacher: “You just need to keep trying!”

 Life Principle/Quote Approach: 

Teacher: “Remember our quote about perseverance. Let’s say it together. “The right angle to approach a difficult problem is the “TRY-angle!” What would that look like for you here?”


Mini PaC G includes:




Esprit De Corps









  • 9 Life Principle Posters with a simplified definition and 2-4 related motivational quote posters that can be printed in black/white, color, or used in multimedia presentations. (iPad and Android compatible)
  • Nine monthly character traits to be explored and connected to content and skills. 
  • A proven classroom management tool – i.e. use as callbacks (see Use Guide)



Mini PaC ‘G’ includes : 66 pages 

  • 9 Life Principle Definition posters with colorful border
  • 9 Life Principle Definition posters in black and white to print on any paper
  • 22 Quotes on colorful border 
  • 22 Quotes in black and white to print on any paper
  • User Guide for Life Principles and Quotes
  • Basic Lesson Plan for Life Principles 
  • Quotes Lesson Plan
  • How to memorize quotes and poetry


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