Vocabulary, Writing, and Reading Strategies

‘Tried and True!’ VOCABULARY – READING – WRITING – WORD WALL Strategies! These will take the place of worksheets and keep your learners engaged and thinking critically. 

 They can be adapted and applied for all areas of curriculum at all ages.

Packet includes: 34 pages $6.50

  • 20 task cards:16 lexicon strategies

    4 Reading strategies

  • Basic Lexicon – Early Elementary and Special Education
  • Lexicon Resource – 31 choices for word study
  • Lexicon Strategies – Document for notebook with 8 strategies
  • Minute Mania – a ‘5 star’ verbal processing strategy
  • Writing Fluency Strategy – a 5 star quick and easy writing strategy
  • ‘Quotes Worthy’ Writing Strategy
  • Quotes on Words – 2 pages of famous quotes on Words
  • 4 Word Quote Posters for display and use with strategies
  • Minutemania – Verbal processing strategy – great for pre-writing
  • Hand’y Curriculum Connections reading strategy – applies the Eight Expectations for Living and Life Principles to any story or event.
  • Hand’y Curriculum Connections Process Poster
  • Hand’y Curriculum Connections Instructions – all curriculum areas
  • Hand’y Curriculum Connections song
  • Hand’y Curriculum Connections task cards
  • My Personal Pocket Thesaurus – Student thesaurus book pattern
  • Vocabulary Strategies Cards 1 & 2
  • Words Wall Activities and Resources
  • Learner Word Wall Form
  • Word Wall and Vocabulary Practice Connections

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