GE – Both Character and Academics

Great Expectations has created a collective sense of thought and purpose throughout our campus. Staff members have been pleased with the consistency of the implementation of instruction and procedures campus wide. The benefits of having the Eight Expectations, as well as the Seventeen Instructional Practices are increased understanding and the unification of goals. Each subsequent year only builds upon the expectations that the children have already come to know and expect.

Great Expectations allows us to not only focus on curriculum and practices, but it enhances student understanding of social nuances and life principles. We can’t assume that children ‘know’ the value of integrity, citizenship, patriotism, initiative, courtesy, as well as many other quality characteristics. Given the Life Principles, we are able to demonstrate and discuss the value and importance for each individual. Students have been able to internalize the principles as well as demonstrate the ability to recognize these characteristics in others.

We have been able to see a reduction in office referrals for discipline. Great Expectations has provided us with a common vocabulary and ideals through the use of the Magic Triad and the Eight Expectation quotes. Staff members and students are very good about pointing out the expectation that is to be adhered. If discipline is warranted, it is provided in a manner that allows students to not only see how their action was incorrect, but to determine how he/she might make better choices. This instructional piece is key to alleviating continued infractions.

Parents have shown enthusiasm for our school having attained a Great Expectations Model School status. Our community is proud of our achievement! It is very nice to find ways to celebrate with students, staff and parents about something so very positive. Not only does it make the daily lives of students and teachers a bit easier, but parents have reported using the Great Expectation elements in the home. As a school administrator, this makes me very proud of the positive impact we have in the community.

Given the political climate where educators are faced with greater demands for rigor, every changing curriculum, and fewer resources, GE has been the cornerstone in assisting our staff in keeping everything “pulled together.”  With GE as our foundation, we can do whatever it takes to educate our children and to be able to give them important tools in life that will carry over into their adulthood.  Rich, rigorous academic training is critical for our future generation – and it must be accompanied with quality of character.  GE leads us in both areas!  – Cheryl Lidia, Choctaw Elementary Principal