• Hand'y Curriculum Connections

Hand'y Curriculum Connections




HAND’Y as a pocket on your shirt! The Hand’y Curriculum Connections process provides a multi-sensory approach to identifying the main elements of a story or event. It also offers support in connecting literature with the Eight Expectations for Living and the Life Principles used in the Great Expectations© Methodology.

Magically, your hand becomes a memory device used to process:

    • Literature 
    • Vocabulary 
    • Social Studies 
    • Critical Reading
    • Math, Science, Art, and Music
    • And even Problem-solving


  • Pre-Reading Strategy!
  • Applying the Eight Expectations for Living and Life Principles to every story or event
  • Story analysis
  • Retelling
  • Review

Included in this packet: 8 pages

Hand'y Curriculum Process Poster
 Hand'y Curriculum Connections - Instructions - 2 pages
 4 Hand'y Curriculum Connections - Instruction Task Cards
 Hand'y Curriculum Song
 Hand'y Curriculum, 8 Expectations, & Life Principle song task cards
 T Chart
 Venn Diagram