High School

Culture Connection

Life Principle: SERVICE
- giving of one’s time and energies to help others

 "One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." - Albert Schweitzer

Teacher: “I cannot do everything
Students: “But I can still do something.” - Edward Everett Hale

Sign Language

Hand Sign for Expectation #5
Use sign for Help:
Place the left hand in fist position
midline of your body and bringing the open right hand palm up underneath it.



"We Are the World"** 7:11 min. Lyrics

"Power in Me"** 3:56 min

"Lean on Me"** 4:21 min. Lyrics

Video Link

"Reaching Out"** 1 min.

Change the World** 1 min.

Video That Will Change Your Life** 4:35 min.



"The Star Money" Brothers Grimm Fable

"Why the Chimes Rang",** Moral CompassWilliam Bennett, p. 392-393

Short Stories:
"Margaret of New Orleans" - Sara Cone Bryant, Moral Compass, William Bennett, p 435-436

"The Fire Bearer" Moral Compass, William Bennett, p. 408-409

"True Greatness" - C.E. Flynn G.E. Manual, p. 18


LEXICON: Suggest use of one of the following methods;

  1. Student leader finds the word in a dictionary.
  2. Provide individual dictionaries.
  3. Display dictionary page on Interactive board.
  4. Access through use of media device.

4 Steps:

  1. Write the word.
  2. Define the word.
  3. Find synonyms.
  4. Find antonyms.

Word Wall Vocabulary: benevolent

Note: Reference Lexicon Resource

Vocabulary (P #8, 11)

Create a list of words associated with



Introductory Activity

Use the Cooperative Learning Structure, Round Table Writing.

As a class Identify different areas within the school - i.e. gym, cafeteria, etc. and/or community. Assign each group an area to brainstorm ways to be of service.

Have reporters from each group present their poster ideas. Allow two minutes or less for presentations.

Extension: Have students select one or more idea and create an implementation plan.

Cooperative Learning

Round Table Writing (P 3,5,6)

Materials: Chart paper, markers for each group.
Directions: Divide students into groups of 3-5. Have each group select a reporter.
Pre-write or have students write the selected topic for brainstorming in the center of chart paper. On your signal students begin writing and illustrating their ideas. After a designated time, the reporter presents the group poster ideas to the class.
Option: Have groups rotate between the posters to generate more ideas.


Writing Activity

Use the Service word list produced above and create a word cloud poster.
is an online resource that may be used .

Brain Break


Some of the online videos have brief advertisements attached at the beginning that may be inappropriate for viewing by students and need to be cued before showing.