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Learning in the Fast Lane

Learning in the Fast Lane

8 Ways to Put All Students on the Road to Academic Success

By Suzy Pepper Rollins

“Readers are Leaders!”  I would bet that as an educator, you have spoken these words to your students and I would bet that the words, “Leaders are Readers” echo in your mind every day!  Yet in today’s fast paced educational setting your time for reading seems to find you in the slow lane, almost stalled by the demands for finding ways to help your students keep up the pace of learning in the fast lane!  You know that reading fuels the mind and Suzy Pepper Rollins provides you the fuel and tools you need.  The book is an easy read; making it an excellent choice for educators with limited time for wading through theory and research.   Backed and sited by an extensive amount of quality research, the book is bulked up with practical strategies that can and should be used in every classroom.  The format of the book allows teachers to understand the “why” and move quickly to the “how” of accelerating learning.  Each chapter provides a framework for implementing a concepts such as Standards Walls, Starters for Success, Vocabulary Development, Valuable Work, Motivation, and Scaffolding.  The chapters are then packed with strategies and structure for implementation.  The checklist at the end of each chapter is a summary and a starting point for you to insure that All your Students are on the Road to Academic Success.  Are you ready to be the leader in the fast lane of teaching and learning?  If so, grab a copy of Learning in the Fast Lane, 8 Ways to Put All Students on the Road to Academic Success and start reading!    

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Review written by ReGina Fahrquar