Learning to Choose Choosing to Learn

The Key to Student Motivation and Achievement
By Mike Anderson

Choice as a learning strategy is often misunderstood. We’ve heard of teachers using choice as a filler after students finish their “real work.” Choice should instead be used as a vehicle for boosting student learning. In today’s educational climate, as teachers feel more pressure from standardized tests, allowing students to be more in charge of their learning has diminished. But as educators, we know when students are energized, independent, and self-motivated, they will develop skills and work habits that will serve them as life-long leaners. Mike Anderson provides a plethora of tools you need as you add student choice into your daily routine. His book is divided into three sections which walks you specifically through student choice in your classroom. Section I explores basic ideas about choice, Section II addresses the question, “How do we help students to make good choices?”, and Section III focuses on implementation. He has also included a planning guide and sample plans. If you want to help students tap into their intrinsic motivation for learning, consider not just offering more choices about their daily work, help them learn how to choose well. If this is something you’d like to implement, grab a copy of Learning to Choose Choosing to Learn, The Key to Student Motivation and Achievement.

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Review written by Toni Shamley