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Choice Words

In his book Choice Words, author Peter Johnston explores the power of language in shaping the learning experiences of students. He emphasizes the importance of intentional and thoughtful language choices by teachers, as well as the impact these choices have on student motivation, engagement, and achievement.

Johnston delves into the concept of “constructive language,” which focuses on fostering a positive classroom environment where students feel valued, respected, and empowered. He provides practical strategies and examples for using language to promote active thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative learning among students.

One of the key ideas in “Choice Words” is that the language we use as educators can either support or hinder students’ development as learners. By being mindful of the words we choose and the messages we convey, we can create an environment that encourages curiosity, risk-taking, and growth. Overall, “Choice Words” offers practical guidance for educators who want to harness the power of language to enhance their teaching practices and positively impact student learning.

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