Middle School

Culture Connection

Life Principle: SERVICE
- giving of one’s time and energies to help others

Quote: "I am only one. I cannot do everything, but I can still do something." - Edward Everett Hale

Teacher: "Can we do it?"
Students: "Yes, we can!"

Sign Language

Hand Sign for Expectation #5
Use sign for Help:
Place the left hand in fist position
midline of your body and bringing the open right hand palm up underneath it.


"The Star Money" Brothers Grimm Fable

"Why the Chimes Rang",** 14:05 Moral CompassWilliam Bennett, p. 392-393

Short Stories:
"Margaret of New Orleans" - Sara Cone Bryant, Moral Compass, William Bennett, p 435-436

"The Fire Bearer" Moral Compass, William Bennett, p. 408-409

"True Greatness" - C.E. Flynn G.E. Manual, p. 18


LEXICON: Suggest use of one of the following methods;

  1. Student leader finds the word in a dictionary.
  2. Provide individual dictionaries.
  3. Display dictionary page on Interactive board.
  4. Access through use of media device.

4 Steps:

  1. Write the word.
  2. Define the word.
  3. Find synonyms.
  4. Find antonyms.

Word Wall Vocabulary: benevolent

Note: Reference Lexicon Resource

Vocabulary (P #8, 11)

Create a list of words associated with



Introductory Activity

Use the Cooperative Learning Structure, Round Table Writing.

As a class identify different areas within the school - i.e. gym, cafeteria, etc. and/or community. Assign each group an area to brainstorm ways to be of service.

Have reporters from each group present their poster ideas. Allow two minutes or less for presentations.

Extension: Have students select at least one idea and create an implementation plan.

Cooperative Learning

Round Table Writing (P 3,5,6)

Materials: Chart paper, markers for each group.
Directions: Divide students into groups of 3-5. Have each group select a reporter.
Pre-write or have students write the selected topic for brainstorming in the center of chart paper. On your signal students begin writing and illustrating their ideas. After a designated time, the reporter presents the group poster ideas to the class.
Option: Have groups rotate between the posters to generate more ideas.


Writing Activity

Use the Service word list produced above and create a word cloud poster.
is an online resource that may be used .

Brain Break


Some of the online videos have brief advertisements attached at the beginning that may be inappropriate for viewing by students and need to be cued before showing.