MS/HS Word Wall Activities and Resources

MS/HS Word Wall Activities and Resources 


Activity #1: 

Activity #2:

LEXICON: 4 Steps: (Leader may use one of the following methods:

  1. Student leader finds the word in a dictionary.
  2. Provide individual dictionaries.
  3. Display dictionary page on interactive board.
  4. Access on media device.
    1. Write the word.
    2. Define the word.
    3. Find synonyms.
    4. Find antonyms.

Activity #3:
 “Vocab on the Move”

  1. Make cards of vocabulary words.
  2.  Tape one to each student’s back.
  3.  Directions: Walk around the room and ask your classmates.
          What is a synonym for me?
          What is an antonym for me?
          Give me an example of me.
          Give me an example of something I’m not.

         What is a definition of me.
  4. Use your clues to figure out your vocabulary word.

Activity #4:
Brainstorm words/phrases that are synonymous or use the vocabulary word. 

Activity #5:
Create a list of words associated with the vocabulary word. 
For example:


Activity #6:
Complete at least three. 

  • Define the word.
  • What do you notice about the word.
     a. # of letters
     b. # of consonants, vowels
  • Create a math problem with the #’s.
  • Use the word in a meaningful sentence.
  • Write all parts of speech for the word.
  • Analyze for root word, prefixes, suffixes.

Activity #7:

“Words in Action”

Brainstorm words that describe how ________looks, sounds, and/or feels. In pairs create a list of 10 words that describe the vocabulary word.
Join another pair, share lists, and add any new words. Join another group of 4 and repeat. The end result will be a list to be posted in the room for use and reflection.

Activity #8:
Create a crossword puzzle. 
For making online: Criss Cross Puzzle Maker - once words and clues are entered a finished puzzle is created that may be printed or may be copied and pasted into another document. 
To make other puzzle types online, go to Free Puzzlemaker by Discovery Education Select the type of puzzle and it will take you to instruction for creating it online. 

Activity #9:
Learners participate in creating a word wall finding words and filling out a Learner Word Wall Form adding it to the Word Wall. The words may be related to a specific book or content area. 

Learner Word Wall Form Click on link for printable document. If you are using the form on your SmartBoard or iPad, the dictionary links are active to access the online resources in English and foreign languages. 
This may be used to create an ongoing vocabulary lexicon resource on iPads, Notebooks, etc.  

Top 10 Books Kids are Reading" vocabulary - Some books are clearly favorites for students and teachers alike, showing up in classrooms around the country. We've identified the Top 10 books that educators are assigning, with links to carefully curated vocabulary lists that will help guide students through these literary delights. 

Website Resources:  1000 Free Vocabulary learning games - includes English language, foreign language, ESL vocabulary, and literature games. Choose from myriad of word games - play on iPad, notebook, computer

Word Wall 101 2:39 min. Teacher demonstrates how to make a content word wall that displays and stores easily. 3:43 min. Literacy in Physical Education: Word Wall - middle school The Marinette Middle School Physical Education teachers begin their classes by dovetailing Fitness and Spelling. Students run and touch letters of the alphabet (painted on the gymnasium walls) to spell a sport-specific word relevant to the Unit being taught. 

Word Walls in Secondary Math - written by a secondary educator and includes general instructions for creating word walls for this level.

Word Walls in the Secondary Classroom - Guide to creating secondary word walls with activities.

Word Wall: Secondary Edition video – 2:22 min.  This lessoncast shows how to integrate word walls as an interactive visual resource to build conceptual understanding and reinforce vocabulary at the secondary level. Contains visual ideas.

"Making Word Walls Work in the Classroom" - How-to guide with photos of actual word walls in different curriculum areas. Includes links to other resources.

"Birth of a Middle School Word Wall" by teachers

Pinterest links for High School Word Walls 

Six Steps to Better Vocabulary Instruction – Article, Educational Leadership, Sept. 09, Vol. 67, p. 83-84