Ideas for Positive Daily Messages

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On this page in the search box type in Weekly Plan for Morning Messages and it will take you to the article. There are ideas for use in the classroom.
Student PDM note ideas:


  1. PDM bags: Have each student decorate their own PDM bag. Hang them somewhere in the room and have available notes (i.e. “LOOKING GOOD” PDM notes – See Below).
    Offer opportunities for students to write positive messages regularly.
  2. Using a pocket chart with students’ names, have available 3x5 cards for students to use to write PDMs.

All Levels:
Have students draw names. This is to be a ‘secret pal’ for that week. Sometime in the next week they are to place a positive note or token – i.e. piece of candy, pencil, sticker, etc. on their desk.

Life Principle PDM’s:
Nailed It
Gold Card