Resources for Compassion – MS/HS

Below is a sampling of the resource materials that may be used to identify and evaluate the use of the life principle. 

It is suggested that evidence of this life principle or the lack of it may be found in many writings, films, videos, etc. It is recommended for learners to be engaged in a continuous search for life principle connections as part of the critical thinking process.

Tool for Evaluating Components of Types of Media: 



  • Divide students into groups of four. Brainstorm major crisis situations such as Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, etc. and have each group select one for their project. Through the use the internet they are to find articles or stories of people modeling compassionate acts to other people during these times. Allow them to select a method of presentation of their findings to the class. (Suggest use of the QFT Questioning Technique cooperative groups strategy in their groups) 
  • Brainstorm ideas for showing compassion in their school / community using a web ( Images for mind map template ). In groups or as a class develop one or more of the ideas including creating a plan, assigning roles, responsibilities and creating a timeline for completion . 
  • Discussion: (Whole class or group)
    Select a recent news story that includes a tragedy and a compassionate response.
    1) How do tragedies often bring out the best in people?
    2) Why do you think this is or isn't so?
    Be specific with examples. 
  • Inspire my Kids - Example of Act of Compassion by Young Girl  - real life example, articles, worksheets 
  • Make a Difference - Website with stories of real students making a difference - special section for educators with sections on how to get started, lesson plans, stories, resources
  • Benjamin Franklin Challenge – Individual or group challenge 


Middle School / High School: 


Website Resources:

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