Resources on Esprit de Corps

Resources on Esprit de Corps:
Key:  Level 1:   Pre K – 4th
          Level 2:   5th  – 12th

Level 1:
"The Finger Family"   Originial Version song video,  1:06 min.
I found several sites to down load or purchase puppets for this song. Also several videos with song.

"This Old Man He Played One"   song video, 3:34 min

"The Ants Go Marching One by One"  song video,  4:10 min

"The Bus for Us" by Suzanne Bloom

"I Love School" by Philemon Sturges (Author) , Shari Halpern (Illustrator)

"Swimmy" by Leo Lionni


Teamwork Activities:
Level 1:
Synergy Activities for Kids

10 Team-building Activities for the First Week of School

Level 2:
Teamwork Activities for Teens

Level 1,2:
Classroom Icebreakers   - Classroom Icebreakers are teacher approved activities and games that address classroom needs.

Level 2:
"I Survived the Joplin Tornado, 2011" by Lauren Tarshis

"Spirit of America"   1:30 sec.

"The Bulls and the Lion"  2:58 min.   MS/HS   Teamwork

"Wisdom of Geese"  2:08  MS/HS  Teamwork

"World's Largest Water Mosaic" by Serge Belo   2:07 min.    Serge Belo is an incrediblly popular and talented Canadian artist who’s skillset is mind-blowing.   In his latest instillation, deemed “world’s largest water mosaic,” the artist utilized 15,000 liters of water, 7 cups of vegetable dye, 100 volunteers, 62 hours of labor and an incredible amount of biodegradable cups. The final result was a mosaic masterpiece so beautiful it’s hard to believe!