Resources about Honesty

Below are a sampling of the resource materials that may be used to identify and evaluate the use of the life principle of Honesty.
It is suggested that evidence of this life principle or the lack of it may be found in almost any writing, film, etc. It is recommended for learners to be engaged in a continuous search for life principle connections as part of the critical reading process. 
 Tool for Evaluating Components of Types of Media:



All Grade Levels: 

PreK - 2 


3rd - 8th Grade

Middle School/High School:

  • Nothing But the Truth by Avi - Structured as a series of journal entries, memos, letters and dialogues, this highly original novel emerges as a witty satire of high school politics, revealing how truth can easily become distorted. After Philip Malloy, a clownish, rather unmotivated freshman, is punished for causing a disturbance (humming ``The Star Spangled Banner' '), facts about the incident become exaggerated until a minor school infraction turns into a national scandal.
    Nothing But the Truth Intro video 1:13 min. video



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Honesty Activity:

"Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you."

From lyrics of Billy Joel song, "Honesty" (Full lyrics may not be appropriate for all ages)

Questions for discussion:

1. Why is honesty a lonely word?
2. What character flaws would you describe as 'untrue'?
3. What are some ways to model honesty?
4. Why is honesty needed between people?
5. What are some consequences of dishonesty?

Parent Resources: