Resources on Self Discipline

Resources on Self-Discipline

Below are a sampling of the resource materials that may be used to identify and evaluate the use of the life principle of Self-discipline. It is suggested that evidence of this life principle or the lack of it may be found in almost any writing, flim, etc.   It is recommended for learners to be engaged in a continuous search for life principle connections as part of the critical reading process.  
   Tool for Evaluating Components of Types of Media:


 All Ages:


MS/HS Books:


  • Marshmellow Test    3:27 min.   Several kids wrestle with waiting to eat a marshmellow in hopes of a bigger prize -  Good for showing choices/self discipline by very young children
  • The Three Questions  - 6:13 min.  Based on story by Leo Tolstoy adapted by Jon Muth

The Three Questions Poster    - Questions from book, The Three Questions by Jon Muth

 Middle School/High School:

Below are just a couple to go to quickly.

Do The Right Thing   1:00 min.  Peer Pressure can be used as a positive force, as seen in this scenario!  Watch as a group of teens influence their friend to do the right thing while hanging  out at a music store.  

  • Art Idea for the ‘Dog and Bone Fable’:
              1.  Have learners draw their own illustration after the story  is read.
              2.  Google ‘The Dog and Bone Fable’ and a group of pictures will be one of the choices.   Clicking on this will take you to a whole group of pictures depicting the dog
                   and bone fable.  Compare and contrast the various illustrations.

Song – Self-discipline  (tune of M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e)

Self-discipline   clap, clap
Self-discipline   clap, clap
We should use self-discipline     clap, clap
S-E-L-F      D-I-S-C    I-P          L-I  N-E   clap, clap