Goal: To provide G.E. educators and supporters with an online implementation resource for the 17 Practices.   

Practices have a menu page containing multiple sections of resources. 

  • Each section contains live links to a library of online resources for that topic with printable materials.
  • There is a general index at the beginning of each practice for easy access to specific sections.
  • Levels: Grade levels and components are designated within each resource.
  • Components: Resource strategies are specific to each of the Practice implementation characteristics.
  • Resource materials are available for your convenience at the GE Digital Download Store

Common elements for each of the 17 Practices include: 

  • Implementation Basics - contains resource elements common to all practices including specific practice classroom strategy ideas.
  • Evaluation and Goal Setting - contains complete online practice evaluation and goal setting examples and materials.
  • Life Principles connections - contains links to full resource materials including lesson plans, literature, music, and activities.
  • Eight Expectations connections - contains links to full resource materials including lesson plans, videos, and activities.
  • Quotes - a list of printable quote posters relating to the practice
  • Hand Signs- Signing directions using ‘Signing Exact English’
  • Practice Connections - list of connections to the other 17 Practices
  • Characteristics of the Practice with strategies - Visual and observable Implementation characteristics specific to each practice: includes an array of online classroom ready support materials
  • Research - Contains articles and weblinks supporting the implementation of the specific practice
  • Literature - contains books, poems, quotes, stories, and online resources supporting the specific practice
  • Vocabulary - contains suggested vocabulary to enrich practice concepts i.e. modeling, lexicon use, classroom strategies
  • Music and Video links - contains active links suitable for media presentations, and general classroom use
  • Learning Strategies - contains a library of pertinent practice strategy links to resources.

 General Resources: Below are links to general GE and other educational website resources.

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