Practice Fifteen – Implementation Ideas

Practice 15 Implementation Ideas

  1. Classroom Management Tips Using Proximity - article giving strategies
  2. Ideas at the Door - Multiple strategies for use throughout the educational environment
  3. Preventive Discipline - Multiple strategies for establishing and supporting desired behaviors
  4. Feedback Resources
  5. Enthusiasm and Encouraging Attitude Resources - Includes a mind map, lesson strategies, quotes, etc.
  6. 7 Tips for Motivating Learners
  7. Storytelling - A Classroom Teaching Strategy - an article with ideas for using stories to personalize instruction.
  8. Take time to speak with each learner every day and allow learners’ time to interact with each other. Build positive relationships with all shareholders to provide support and create an awareness that each is a vital and valuable part of the learning community.
    1. Expectation One - We will value one another as unique and special individuals. Includes strategies, lessons, quotes, music, videos, etc.
    2. “Our Personal Best” Poster - Strategy to create visual showing talents/services of students
    3. Diversity Sand Activity - The activity is under Suggested Activities. There are also links to music, poetry, vocabulary, and other resources on diversity.
    4. Building Esprit de Corps - A Community Building Activity focusing on appreciation of diversity - includes complete lesson plan, music and videos
    5. ‘We're ALL Stars’ Activity - for grades 3-12) Activity to recognize and affirm individual strengths
  9. D – Develop Positive Relationships – Lesson Materials include activities,literature, videos, quotes, vocabulary, and music.
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  10. Life Application Lessons for Life Principles - 4 lesson strategies for applying any life principle
  11. Eight Proactive Classroom Management Tips - Edutopia article giving classroom management strategies to boost academic engagement and reduce disruptive behavior such as ‘Greeting kids at the door’.
  12. Creating Positive Dialogue by Redirecting with Quotes - Strategies for the use of Quotes including a variety of practical examples and printable quote posters.
  13. Six Ways to Improve Communication
  14. Quality work - Definition, Resources, and Examples
  15. Set goals for individual quality work. Lesson Plan for Introducing Choice and Goal Setting - 2 lesson plans with extensive resources for introducing choice/goal setting at all grade levels and for use with discipline through setting behavior/academic goals. Includes specific examples for the educational setting and 6 Powerpoints.
  16. Hand and Verbal Skills for Classroom Management
  17. Strategies for Use of the Magic Triad