Practice Nine

Practice 9 : The Magic Triad, a positive and caring environment, and discipline with dignity and logic are evident.

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“Kind Words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless.”
--Mother Teresa




Magic Triad Poster with Quote

(printable posters)





Implementation Basics


Practice #9 Implementation Evaluation And Goal Setting

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Life Principles, Expectations, And Quotes



Basic Tenets, Eight Expectations, and 17 Practices - All three in one document


Hand Signs For Practice 9


Practice - Click on links to see brief video clips of hand sign.

 - Make a palm down ‘A’ and move it back and forth across the left index finger.

Nine - With hand out, touch thumb and forefinger.


Practice Connections

Practice 9 Connections - list of other 17 Practices that are connected to Practice #9


Implementation Characteristics With Online Resources

Practice 9 Characteristics of Implementation

- Includes links to online resources to assist in implementation under each characteristic.

  1. Demonstrate, teach, and model the Magic Triad using the Eight Expectations for Living, the Life Principles, creeds, and quotes to affirm desired behaviors and attitudes and to redirect learners.Implementation Online Resources:
  2. Take time to speak with each learner every day and allow learners time to interact with each other. Build positive relationships with all shareholders to provide support and create an awareness that each is a vital and valuable part of the learning community. Implementation Online Resources:
  3. Seek to change behaviors rather than choosing to punish. Verbally affirm desired behaviors and attitudes and include learners in developing logical consequences that achieve desired results. Offer learners input and choices in procedures, expectations,and academic opportunities. i.e. Redirect with positive dialogue, an understanding of cause and effect, and use of contingencies - ‘If…, Then...”Implementation Online Resources:
  4. Monitor learners using proximity, feedback, and challenge to improve time-on-task and progress towards goals. Encourage learners to evaluate the work they complete and use it to monitor progress and refine goals and results. Use affirmations and positive commentary to encourage learners to appreciate their own successes and those of others.Implementation Online Resources:
  5. Apply the meaning gained in classic studies to real world situations including personal effort in the their work. Engage learners daily in writing through journaling, goal setting, self-reflection, or other types of writing.Implementation Online Resources:



Practice 9 Research Resources



Implementation Online Resources:



  • Life Principles:These links include resources to quotes, lessons, and other resource materials
  • Integrity Literature Lessons (printable or multi-media) 
  • Compassion Literature Lessons 
  • Respect Literature Lesson 
  • Eight Expectations: Resources include printable posters of Expectation, a printable quote, and sections for literature/poetry, vocabulary, music and videos, an introductory activity, a cooperative structure, sign language, self-reflection, celebrations, and a brain break. Each allows for selection of appropriate grade level material: Elementary, Middle, and High School.





“ Magic Triad in Action”

Brainstorm words that describe how the Magic Triad looks, sounds, and feels. In pairs create a list of 10 words that describe lexicon.

Join another pair, share lists, and add any new words. Join another group of 4 and repeat. The end result will be a list to be posted in the room for use and reflection.


Music & Video Links


  • Practice 9 Videos
  • Magic Triad - contains material for both Elementary and Middle/High School - Songs, Videos, Websites, Links to supplementary material within the GE website, and Other Materials
  •  See media section for appropriate grade level 


General Resource Websites:

  • National Science Digital Library - The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) was created by the National Science Foundation to provide organized access to high quality resources and tools that support innovations in teaching and learning at all levels of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. NSDL is a digital library of exemplary resource collections and services, organized in support of science education at all levels. Educators may search for level PK - 12+ for FREE digital resources. Compatible for making assignments directly to Google Classroom.
  • The Right Questions Institute - Resource for the classroom with downloads
    • Also see Right Questions - Educational Leadership - An Explanation of the process
  • BucketFillers 101 website with multiple resources
  • 14 Must Read Anti-bullying Books - Anti-bullying fiction books for Grades PreK-12


Learning Strategies