Practice Nine – Writing Strategies and Resources

Elementary Writing Activities

  1. I Like Myself: 
    • Put students in pairs.
    • Direct students to take turns telling something they like about the other.
    • Students are to write or draw pictures of things they like about themselves. on a sheet titled, “I Like Myself” with the words, “ I like my………”.
    • Use chant for closure : I Like Myself! Chant
  2. After an introductory pair/share have the students create a Venn diagram showing the ways they are alike and different.
  3. Create a T Chart either as a whole group or individually comparing main character at the beginning of the story and then at the end of the story.
  4. Writing with Goal Setting : Simplified Goal Setting Worksheet - Blank Form  Examples: 
  5. Encourage Me: 
    • Have students draw a picture and write about a time when he/she praised or encouraged someone.
    • Pair or group students and give them time to share their work and discuss others work.
    • As a whole group, share new or additional ways that we can encourage others.
  6. Discuss - Draw - Display: 
    • Have learners draw a picture of someone using good manners.
    • Have them explain their drawing to a partner.
    • Display pictures and use in building vocabulary and comprehension of good manners.
    • Display enriched vocabulary on Word Wall.
  7. Read-Write-Draw: 
    • Read aloud or assign a story for students to read.
    • Encourage students to write their version of the story and include details that they remembered.
    • Using their version of the story, have students illustrate one or two pictures that showcase the details they included from their story.
    • Display the pictures and use them as prompts as the whole group discusses the original story.
  8. Talent Showcase Journal 
    • Create a journal (paper and/or digital) or collection of a student’s talents, as they recognize them. Encourage the student to name the talent, describe the purpose of the talent, and write and illustrate the talent in action.
    • Share journals when appropriate to help students to recognize additional talents they may share with others. Showcase talents at Parent meetings, at the end of the day, or in a monthly recognition at Rise and Shine.
  9. Lessons and Strategies for Self-reflection Elem. Middle S. High S.
  10. PK-2 Word Wall Strategies
  11. Elementary Word Wall Activities and Resources

Middle School/High School Writing Activities

  1. Think of a person who has influenced your life through the use of good manners or courtesy.  Write a 25-50 word note of appreciation to that person. Be sure to include  specific details about your experience.  Ask for volunteers to share their notes.
  2. Write a short dedication at the top of the page of your assignment. A dedication is written to honor or remember someone who has make an impact on your life. Write a ”Thank You” to someone who has given you encouragement or for a kind act they did for you.
  3. Choose a quote and write about a situation in which the quote would be helpful.
  4. List a Life Principle and write a short story that reflects the importance of your selected Life Principle.
  5. Choose a line from the School or Class Creed and write your plan for using the suggested action or idea to improve your world.
  6. Book of Wisdom - A journaling strategy that supports character development
  7. We're ALL Stars’ Activity - for grades 3-12) Activity to recognize and affirm individual strengths 
    1. Star Activity Pattern - Star pattern to be used with lower elementary
    2. How to make a 5 pointed star - How-to-fold a 5 point origami star
    3. 5 Point Star Directions
    4. How to Make a 5 point star video - 1:17 min.
  8. Lessons and Strategies for Self-reflection Elem. Middle S. High S.
  9. MIddle School/HIgh School Word Wall Activities and Resources

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