Literature For Vision, Goal-setting and Self-Reflection

Literature for Vision, Goal Setting, and Self-Reflection

Grades  Pre K - 3

Grades 3rd - 6th

Grades 6th - 12th


Poetry for Vision/Dream, Goal Setting, and Self-Reflection

Anthology of Poems for Vision/Dream:

Believe in Yourself  --Author Unknown
Always Have a Dream by Amanda Bradley
You Can be Whatever You Want To Be!  By Donna Levine
 A Creed to Live –Author Unknown
My Comfort Zone   -- Author Unknown
Life Is   By Mother Teresa

Anthology of Poems for Goal Setting and Self Reflection:
Results and Roses  by Edgar A. Guest
THINKING  by Walter D. Wintle
IT”S SIMPLY GREAT by Sidney Warren Mase
Beyond the Profit of Today  --Author Unknown
Do It Right by Samuel O. Buckner
It’s Impossible  --Author Unknown

Talk Like A Winner  -- Author Unknown

For Educators:   Survival Skills by Tony Wagner