Glossary for Vision/Dream


  • the act of choosing; the act of picking or deciding between two  or more possibilities
  • the opportunity or power to choose between two or more  possibilities; the opportunity or power to make a decision


  • an idea or vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real: 
  • something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time.


  • work done by the mind or body: energy used to do something
  • a serious attempt to do something
  • conscious exertion of power:  hard work
  • a serious attempt:  TRY


  • a formulated thought, plan, or suggestion about what to do
  • an opinion or belief
  • something that you imagine or picture in your mind


  • the power to change or affect someone or something: the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen


  • something that you are trying to do or achieve


  • the opportunity or ability to choose something or to choose between two or more things


  • an amount of time or a situation in which something can be done


  • something that makes it difficult to do something
  • something that impedes progress or achievement
  • an object that you have to get around or over: something that blocks your path

Plan - Steps to Make It Happen! 

  • Set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something


  • a change or set of changes that corrects or improves something


  • the true situation that exist:  the real situation


  • something that you imagine:  a picture that you see in you mind