Resources For Vision, Goal-settings and Self-Reflection

Resources for Vision, Goal Setting, and Self-Reflection

Personal Goal Setting   Mind Tools Article – includes  brief video 2:07 min. on Goal-setting and SMART goals. 

Lessons Plans for Teaching Goal Setting by Advocates for Youth   9 lesson plans for 7-12th grade students leading through an introduction to goal setting to creating a life plan.

Songs for Vision, Goal Setting, and Self-Reflection


All Levels:
The Dog Strikes Back - Volkswagen SuperBowl Commerical 1:27 min
Watch 1- 50 sec. (The end is not pertinent.)

Inspirational Quotes on Goals and Goal Setting  2:56 min.


Level 1: PreK-5

Goal Setting   (Cartoon with no dialog)   55 sec.  

Biography of Inventor of LEGOS - animated   17:09 min.

Dream Seed Printables  


Level 2:  6-12th

One Step At A Time  2:30 min. – Goal Achieving Cartoon Doodle video  - very impactful    3rd – 12th grades

The Power of Teamwork – Good Teamwork  4:52 min.  -  great use of animated vignettes to demonstrate teamwork  - Simple but makes the point!

Good Teamwork and Bad Teamwork  3:20 min.   – Shows first an example of Bad Teamwork and then a couple of Good Teamwork

Lou Holtz clips -  Lou Holtz Inspirational Clips   
Slide the red time ball to these numbers for the following clips:
6:10 – 9:51 min.           Vision and Purpose
11:05  – 13:36 min.     Make Long range goals
13:36 min - 15:12 min. Attitude
15:13 min – 16:40       To raise self-image:  Includes Lou Holtz’s 3 Rules:
Rule #1: Do What’s Right.
Rule #2:  Do the best you can
Rule #3:  Treat others as you would like to be treated
16:18 -  16:42 min.      Most Important Question when making a choice:“Is this the right thing to do?”
16:42 – 18:08  Importance of Teamwork

Never Give Up - Motivational video  5:00 min.

Never Give Up, Believe In Yourself  3:54 min.   Example in nature

Look At Yourself   4:10 min. Nick Vujicic born without arms or legs talks to MS/HS about Attitude, not giving up.

Setting Goals   4:14   Includes SMART goal explanation

Grades 6 – 12:

Pursuit of Happyness:  Basketball Scene    2:15   min.    
Clip from movie, The Pursuit of Happyness  - quite impactful    DREAM and GOAL SETTING

Chris Gardner The REAL Pursuit of Happyness part 2/2    7:44 min.  Interview with Chris Gardner, whose real life is portrayed in the movie,  “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

Chris Gardner's Top 10 Rules for Success   8:22 min.   Have a dream, a goal, but you’ve got to have a plan. There are  5 C’s  - Plan has to be Clear, Concise, Compelling, Consistent, and Committed.
1.  Commit to Plan A
2.  Put Family First
3.  Decide to be World-Class
4.  Have self-worth.
5.  Keep your team motivated -  Respect them, Let them grow, Trust them, Leave them alone
6.  Change is necessary.  It’s absolutely necessary and it’s going to happen.
7.  Baby Steps Count
8.  Follow your passion
9.  Do Whatever it takes
10.  Start where you are.

Grades 9-12:

Female Soldiers in Afghanistan Warzones with Diane Sawyer 6:40  min.     Real life story from book, “Ashley’s War”.   Ends with statement:  “Never settling for what is easy, but always taking the hard right over the easy wrong.” 

Astronaut Chris Hadfield - Long Term Goals  3:08 min.

Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul  3:10 min.  video with beautiful quotes and poems about Dreams.   


Goal Setting for Students: A success Tool for the Classroom and for Life  by John Bishop (designed for grades 5-12)

Goal Setting for Success  -  Material that addresses:
Why Set Goals, How to Set Goals, Clarify your values, Goal Setting forms, Motivation, Stories, Attitude is Everything –
Lots of resources  


10 Tips for Discovering Your Child's Strengths  - Article with specific strategies.

For Educators: