Practice Six

The environment is non-threatening and conducive to risk-taking. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and grow.

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Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are of capable of being.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (printable poster)



Implementation Basics



Practice 6 Implementation Evaluation - This instrument may be used as an individual or building-wide evaluation of the implementation for Practice 6. Its use to establish goals for growth is encouraged. (printable document)

Goal Setting Process Documents: (blank)

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Basic Tenets, Eight Expectations, and 17 Practices - All three in one document



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Practice - Make a palm down ‘A’ and move it backand forth across the left index finger.

Six - With hand out, touch thumb and little finger.

  • Practice 6 Sign language vocabulary - 10 key words to reinforce positive nonverbal communication
  • Hand Signs for Eight Expectations - Free Digital Download Task Cards - A PROACTIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TOOL! - 8 Sign Language Task Cards for the 8 Expectations for Living with supporting documents. Sign language hand signs Include: Friend, Respect, Please, Thank you, Cheer, Help,Applaud, Encourage, and Practice



Practice #6 Connections  - list of other 17 Practices that are connected to Practice #6



Implementation Characteristics with Online Resources Practice #6 Characteristics of Implementation  - Includes links to online resources to assist in implementation under each characteristic.

  1. Establish positive rapport with and demonstrate respect for all members of the learning environment. Remove all negative labels. Do not allow put-downs, teasing,or rudeness. Eliminate sarcasm from the learning environment.


    Implementation Online Resources:

  2. Develop a feeling of community and structure through the use of the Eight  Expectations for Living and the Life Principles.

     Implementation Online Resources:    



Life Principle Posters with Simplified Definitions Set 1 - 75 pages 36 Powerful Life Principles with a simplified definition ideal for use in elementary, E.S.L., and other Special Classes  includes:


    • 36 Life Principle posters with simplified definitions on a colored border
    • 36 Life Principle posters with simplified definitions in black and white suitable for printing on any decorative paper
    • User Guide for Life Principles
    • Basic Lesson Plan
    • Life Principle Song
    • Life Principle Simplified Quote Poster Set 1 - 100 Famous Quotes ideal for use in ALL Classes! - 200+ pages includes memorization tips, quote lesson plan
    • Life Principle Quotes Set II - 140 Famous quotes may be printed with and without borders




Mini PaC ‘E’ Mini PaC ‘F’ Mini PaC ‘G’  Mini PaC ‘H’4 Mini PaC’s, ‘E’, ‘F’, ‘G, ‘H’ of Simplified Life Principles - each contains 9 of the Simplified Life Principles with Simplified Definition Posters and 2-4 Quote Related Posters with and without borders and a Basic Lesson plan for Life Principle Instruction and a Quotes Lesson Plan.

4 Mini PaC’s: 'A', ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ of Expanded Life Principles: Each contains 9 of the Expanded Life Principle Definition Posters and 3-5 Quote Related Posters with and without borders and a Basic Lesson plan for Life Principle Instruction

  1. Select, teach, apply, and analyze wisdom literature, and quotes to guide behaviors and attitudes, such as, “Mistakes are okay.” and “Learners are responsible for their own actions.” Affirm and redirect learners through the use of memorized quotes, positive phrases, and expressions. Post quotes to be used in redirecting attitudes and rephrasing negative comments.

     Implementation Online Resources:    

  2. Create opportunities for learners to use team-building and to engage in cooperative  learning activities and projects to build a sense of group accomplishment and  cohesion.

      Implementation Online Resources:    

  3. Support a positive learning environment through the use of: 1) music 2) signals, response cards, or sign language to convey readiness, participation, and understanding, and 3) empowering learners with positive feedback acknowledging and thanking them for contributions.

     Implementation Online Resources:
    Practice #6 Implementation Ideas - Practical application ideas and resources    

  4. Set high expectations. Instruct and systematically practice the skills required for any task the learner is asked to do. Use motivation and encouragement and praise for efforts, always acknowledging and thanking learners for their contribution.

     Implementation Online Resources:    



Practice Six Research Resources



Implementation Online Resources:

The environment is non-threatening and conducive to risk-taking. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and grow. The environment is non-threatening and conducive to risk-taking. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and grow.

Bill and Coo“ By Christy Sheffield

  • A children's book with full-page color illustrations on the life principle of friendship.



“Reasons for Respect” By Christy Sheffield

  • A full-color children’s book on the Life Principle of Respect. Book includes supplement section with quotations on respect, vocabulary found in the text, articles related to Ireland, critical thinking questions, and writing/storytelling prompts.

The story allows readers to follow Mirrie Murphy as she comes to understand that there are indeed many occasions when she needs to exhibit due regard for the needs, requests, and rights of others. She needs to show respect!


  • Friendship Resources - Websites and Other Materials
  • Respect Resources - Books, Videos, Music, Websites, and Other Materials
  • Esprit de Corps Resources - Websites and Other Materials


The Crow and the Pitcher fable lesson plan

C.R.O.S.S.ROADS Goal Setting Literature Lesson

Select level: Elem  MS/HS


Eight Expectations: Resources include printable posters of Expectation, a printable quote, and sections for literature, vocabulary, music and videos, an introductory activity, a cooperative structure, sign language, self-reflection, celebrations, and a brain break. Each allows for selection of appropriate grade level material: Elementary, Middle, and High School.





Word Wall Vocabulary: blunder error gaffe solecism blooper faux pas opportunity conducive

References: Lexicon Resource - 31 word tasks

Lower Elementary Lexicon

Dictionary - link to Merriam-Webster

“Respect in Action”

Brainstorm words that describe how respect looks, sounds, and feels. In pairs create a list of 10 words that describe respect.

Join another pair, share lists, and add any new words. Join another group of 4 and repeat. The end result will be a list to be posted in the room for use and reflection.







  • National Science Digital Library - The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) was created by the National Science Foundation to provide organized access to high quality resources and tools that support innovations in teaching and learning at all levels of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. NSDL is a digital library of exemplary resource collections and services, organized in support of science education at all levels.  Educators may search for level PK - 12+ for FREE digital resources.  Compatible for making assignments directly to Google Classroom.
  • The Right Questions Institute - Resource for the classroom with downloads
    • Also see Right Questions - Educational Leadership - An Explanation of the process
  • YSA - Youth Service America - Youth Changing the World website with organizational tools for involving youth in service projects.
  • The Futures Channel Lesson Plans - Lesson plans by Kay Toliver applying math concepts