Call To Excellence Ideas

Before Call To Excellence:

  1. Read to learners.
  2. Physical activities such as “Electric Slide”, “Shout”, Cha, Cha slide, etc.  See Songs for song videos.
  3. Talent Shine! – Learners may come up and perform talent/tell jokes, etc.   ( Material MUST BE APPROVED with teacher on duty.)
  4. Work on Test Skills using power point or in class groups.
  5. Set up a HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE table for peer and cross-age tutoring.

At Call To Excellence –Weekly or Daily (usually shorter version)

  1. Have name for it.  e.g.(School Mascot) Wakeup – lasts about 15-20 minutes. Begins day with positives.  Builds community.  Showcases learners. Different teachers/classes each week are responsible for the assembly.  Learner-led – Goal is for each learner in class to have a part.
  2. Fun way to begin assembly :  Do a class/grade roll call – classes respond with short chant giving the name of their class/grade, a quote, or celebration. Learners create new chants quarterly. (Great creative opportunity for learners!)  Might use this opportunity for classes to do a short recitation following their name chant.  (Example of Script for Roll Call)Potential Learner Roles:
    • Flag salute – 1) American     2) State
    • Patriotic song
    • Moment of Silence
    • School creed
    • Teacher creed
    • Class creed
    • Life principle
    • Quote
    • Doing grade level roll call   (see script link above)
    • Fable or literature piece of the week – to support Life Principle
    • Greeting of week – foreign language
    • Callback of the week
    • Class presentation – recitation, song, skit, etc. – once a week or month depending on the number of classrooms
    • Joke (easy place to give parts to more than one learner by telling multiple jokes)
    • Lunch Menu
    • Fun energizing song
    • Birthday Recognition
    • Celebration – Introduce a new one for the week
    • Challenging/Academic Word of the Week – Learners turn in their definition to the office and one or more are drawn daily and announced over intercom during daily announcements.
    • Nutrition Nibble – Hint for healthy eating (Consider having person in charge of cafeteria present this information)
    • Introduce a composer and play a selection of their music. Extension: Play it all week in the cafeteria or as the learners exit an assembly.
    • Challenge with question to be answered or problem to be solved. – Learners turn in their answer to the office and one is drawn daily and announced over intercom during daily announcements.
  3. Designate a day each week for a curriculum area:


    Tuesday:      A literature piece is presented to illustrate week’s life principle or a teacher presents a literary element of the week, (plot, metaphor, antonym, etc.), shares books, examples of the element and explains it to learners.  Teachers follow up with classroom activities.
    Wednesday:  Health/Physical Ed. Highlighted
    Thursday:  Art/Music Focus -  Music teacher highlights type of art/music, artist/composer, etc.
    Friday: Learner Recognition:  i.e. for modeling specific life principles at school, participation/achievement in activities, etc.

  4. Other Ideas:

    a. Academic Content focus i.e. math, social studies, etc.

    b.  Riddle or challenge question from academic content given and learners are challenged to bring answer to office before a specified time and then recognized at next assembly.

  5. Class with the highest attendance average from the previous week is honored at the Monday Rise and Shine.  This may be done by grade level.
  6. Perform a skit to emphasize a particular classroom practice or life principle.
  7. Recognition of learners with character - A learner is chosen from each class who exemplifies the life principle of the week.   A certificate is given with a statement from the teacher about how that learner demonstrated the character quality. Take a photo of the group and send it to school or local newspaper.  Invite parents. Have designated area of wall/poster in school where learners can put his/her Handprint with their name and the life principle exemplified.
  8. Incorporate award assembly one time each 9 week period towards the end of the quarter to recognize academic achievements for that quarter.
  9. Do “Knock Knock” jokes as learners are entering to practice basic call backs, use of complete sentences, and to activate the brain.  Script for Knock, Knock jokes
  10. Dress up in a designated theme attire.
  11. Have the “Showcase” class demonstrate a celebration to be used that week by everyone.
  12. Use digital projector & laptop to show off recent learner activities with power point slide shows (best if learner generated)
  13. Award a “Spirit Stick” for the class with the most enthusiasm at end of week.
  14. Select a random learner in your auditorium and have an Master of Ceremonies go to him/her in the audience. The MC greets learner, asks learner’s name and introduces him/her to audience.  MC asks learner a question (may be academic, pop culture, announcements,, etc.) and awards a prize to learner for participating.   This is a great opportunity to model “Call a helpline” procedure.
  15. Adapt t.v. game show formats (i.e.. Minute-to-Win-It)  to highlight academic content.