After reading the book The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence, I began to think about the word intentionality, and began to wonder what percentage of life’s successes or extraordinary accomplishments demand intentionality.

In the book, The Principal 50, intent (with suffixes) was in print six plus times. Terms such as intentionally, intentionality, and intended were constant reminders for purposeful actions such as initiating and sustaining a focused mission and vision for leaders, for students’ successes, and for engaging parents and community members.

Kafele stated an effective leader strives for all students to achieve excellence. “If students are going to soar, they require school leaders who will accept nothing than excellence from them.” pg.7. He further states, “Despite these students’own doubts, you as the leader must believe that every single student who walks through the doors of your school can not only succeed but excel.” pg.16. The author expected all students to succeed because they were in his school.

The book contains 50 self-reflective leadership questions and copious strategies for probing what the author finds as “fundamental truth.” “The more inspired your entire school community becomes, the greater the chances that your students will achieve excellence.” (Introduction). The 50 self- reflective questions function as discussion topics for those in leadership positions.

This book would be an excellent resource for anyone beginning or holding a leadership position.

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Review by Great Expectations Instructional Coach, Betty Flurry