The Rock ‘n’ Roll Classroom: Using Music to Manage Mood, Energy, and Learning

by Rich Allen and W. W. Wood

How would you like having an assistant in your classroom to put students in a tranquil state that leads to faster learning?  This talented assistant could also boost student retention of the lesson material you are presenting and provide anchors to moor a topic of the day in students’ long-term memory.  During another class period, such an assistant might revive bored or sleepy learners or help a classroom of kids make a smooth transition from one activity to another.  To get these desirable effects, you can enlist the aid of a truly impressive assistant – music!

Rich Allen, talented author and educator with years of experience coaching teachers all over the world, and W.W. Wood, education consultant on how the human brain learns, have co-authored The Rock ‘n’ Roll Classroom. Allen and Wood clearly explain the different research-supported uses of music in the classroom:  what the possible uses are, why they work, and how to apply this knowledge in your classroom.  The chapters of the book are enhanced with segments called “Inside a Classroom” which provide sample lessons from all grade levels, and properly evaluated education playlists for specific purposes are also included.
Delve into this book for carefully researched, classroom-tested strategies all of which are thoroughly explained to help you use the power of music in your school day.  Make music your classroom assistant!

This installment of Linda’s List was written by Christy Sheffield

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