What Motivates Me—Put Your Passions To Work

What Motivates Me—Put Your Passions To Work

by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

Well, I just finished reading a wonderful book—What Motivates Me—Put Your Passions To Work. The authors identify 5 identities and 23 motivators that drive you as an individual. I’ve taken lots of personality tests and aptitude tests, but this one, I must say, was spot on for me, even identifying those things I’m not so proud of in myself.

Each book comes with a code that allows the reader to go online and take The Motivators Assessment. Immediately he/she receives a profile report prepared just for him/her. For instance, my number one identity is caregiver with motivators of family, empathy and friendship. Those of you who know me best know that is ABSOLUTELY the truth! My number two identity is reward driven with motivators of prestige, recognition and money (I told you I wasn’t so proud of all of them). But they are spot on.

The book further talks about how to sculpt one’s job to make it fit his/her motivators more fully and how to embark on a journey of change if the spread is too far between one’s motivators and one’s job responsibilities.

I love books that make me look at my life reflectively, and this one certainly did. I loved the book! If you’re feeling frustrated in your work or like you’re not using your passions to drive your work, this is a must read!

Review by Kita Asbill

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