The Great Expectations Endowment

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You are invited to become a legacy builder for Great Expectations.

Your contribution to the Great Expectations Endowment will span decades, ensuring Great Expectations can continue to serve the educational needs of teachers and children. Like a tree, your gift continues to build a solid foundation, positively impacting education for generations to come. 

Why Giving to The Great Expectations Endowment Creates a Lasting Legacy.

By contributing to the Great Expectations Endowment, your generous gift is combined with others donations, then multiplied over the years in carefully monitored investment funds. Each year a small portion is taken out and the remainder continues to grow. This ensures future generations the opportunity to become a part of our transformational training, that is changing educational outcomes in the US and globally.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can contribute to the Great Expectations Endowment?
A. Anyone can give. You can give a gift now. You can give one when you retire. Or you can give your gift posthumously, through your will or trust. Your generous gift, no matter the amount, will grow over time and continue to give to GE for years to come.

Q. How will I know that my gift to the endowment is being properly managed?
A. Your gift and the many other gifts provided to the endowment are put into a diversified portfolio managed by an outside investment firm and overseen by the Great Expectations Board. The investment firm is carefully watching over the fund, helping to ensure that you and all the donors are getting the most for your investment, regardless of whether the market is up or down.

Q. How can I donate now?
A. Donations can be made by a check payable to the Great Expectations Endowment.
You can mail your check to:
Great Expectations Foundation
PO Box 1710
Tahlequah OK 74465
Or donate online by clicking here.

Q. How do I contribute through my will or trust?
A. Should you wish to leave a contribution through your will or trust, you will need to work with your personal will and trust attorney. They will help you set up the amount you wish to donate to the Great Expectations Endowment and ensure that your wishes are honored and executed after your death.

Q. Besides my endowment gift, how can I help ensure the fund's growth?
A. You can help ensure the growth of the endowment by sharing the information about the mission of Great Expectations, along with how to support the endowment, with colleagues, friends, and family.