Christy Sheffield

Christy Sheffield, a Great Expectations Consultant, is an educator who taught high school English, speech, drama, and German during her twenty-five years in the classroom. She utilized Great Expectations Practices in her own classroom and later became part of the GE Leadership Team. She has been a presenter at national conferences in California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas.

As a drama coach, she directed over 60 plays, many of which she wrote to suit the talents and interests of her students. More recently, her writing has included a book about Great Expectations. She translated her playwriting experience into completing this book, entitled The Great Expectations Story, because she has woven together examples of Great Expectations in operation by telling them as the experiences of a fictional family.

She has been honored as a finalist for State Teacher of the Year, as an Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence Secondary Teacher of the Year, and as a Christa McAuliffe Fellow. She was among the very first National Board Certified Teachers in the nation. As a pioneer implementer of educational technology, she conducted humanities classes over interactive educational television.

Christy is involved in an ongoing project to write children’s books to teach the Great Expectations Life Principles. So far, the books include Wondering (courage), Perseverance Pays Off (perseverance), Braving Difficulties (courage), Bill and Coo (friendship), Consider the Consequences (common sense), Use Your Patience (patience), and Good Citizen Jack (citizenship). The next book, which is due from the publisher soon, is What Next? (problem-solving).