Bixby sets high standards with "Great Expectations"


BIXBY, Okla. —

Bixby schools is adopting a new teaching philosophy called “Great Expectations.”

It’s a teaching model that emphasizes great expectations like responsibility, courtesy and respect.

Northeast Elementary and Intermediate School tried it out for the school year last year—and was named a model school for the state.

Bixby trained all of its teachers this summer and will be practicing it district-wide from now on starting on their first day, which is Thursday.

Students in Bixby will notice a major change as they head back to class Thursday.

They are implementing a new teaching pholosphy that emphasizes courtesy and respect.

The “Great Expectations” philosophy was tried at Northeast Elementary last year, and courtesy and respect was expected at all times from students.

Students are polite, speak in complete sentences and do not laugh at other students’ mistakes.

Northeast Elementary was named a model school for the state, and Bixby officials say the philosophy facilitates a better learning experience.