Hand Signs

A PROACTIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TOOL! – 8 SignLanguage Task Cards for the 8 Expectations for Living with supporting documents Sign language hand signs include: Friend, Respect, Please, Thank you, Cheer, Help, Applaud, Encourage, and Practice

Packet includes:

4 pages:

2 pages – 8 sign language task cards

1 page – 8 sign language document

Expectation, Life Principle, and sign language chart

You’ll be amazed at how quickly these hand signs become a natural part of classroom nonverbal communication. Use them to reinforce with your learners the living out of the Eight Expectations daily and minimize distractions. What I love about them most is that whether in the classroom, cafeteria, outside, on the bus, etc., once learned everyone knows what they mean and the expectation for behavior behind them.


1) Use of the ‘help’ sign with a questioning look to see if a learner across the room needs some assistance during work time.

2) Use the ‘respect’ sign as a reminder of speaking respectfully to set up a positive interaction or when there is a potential conflict.