GE Grant Writing Tools

Dear GE Friends,

This site has been created to assist in your efforts to seek private support for Great Expectations.  It is our desire to make this process as easy as possible.

To seek private funding for your teachers' attendance at the GE Summer Institute ($500 per teacher to attend the 4-day ) and to obtain consultation days from a GE Mentor ($1,500 per day), print the attachments below , attach a cover sheet explaining your request, and present to civic groups, churches, local businesses, corporations, banks, and any other entities that might provide financial assistance.  Your superintendent, of course, would need to approve these funding requests and his/her signature should be on the request.

In addition to private funding, be certain to examine your district funds such as professional development resources, Title I, Title II, and school improvement funds.

Linda Dzialo, Ph.D.
President and CEO

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