GE Model School OKCPS Putnam Heights celebrates all cultures.


OKLAHOMA CITY – One Oklahoma City elementary school is opening the eyes of students to a rich world of different cultures by learning, sharing and dancing.

Students at Putnam Heights elementary in Oklahoma City are practicing a Chinese fan dance taught by a volunteer originally from China.

"Music and dancing is a bridge between language and nationality and I believe it helps people understand each other and means peace for the world and community,” said the Chinese dance instructor, Sherri Han.

Some are also learning a Vietnamese dragon dance.

“The dragon dance is for the people. They want to know the culture of Vietnamese and Chinese,” instructor Huy Nguyen said.

The students are having fun and learning valuable lessons.

“It’s fun but sometimes you get tired cause you have to jump and lift the heavy lion head,” said student Khon Tran.

“In china red means good luck,” student Julianna Mallow showing off her new knowledge.

 In a diverse school like Putnam Heights Elementary, participation of all cultures is key.

“We invite any student to be a part of any dance to join that dance and in that way learn about different cultures,” Principal Susan Carlsen told us.

In step and in tune with our many cultures in Oklahoma.

Another great example of what’s right with our schools.