Great Expectations’ Hosts 2016 Winter Institute in Oklahoma and Texas

Great Expectations, a non-profit foundation that provides intensive professional development to teachers and administrators, held the first half of the Winter Institute in Edmond, Okla. and Coppell, Texas this past weekend. The four-day event consists of participants being immersed in the research-based classroom practices to be an effective teacher, which are examined through the lens of developing a culture of respect and promoting academic excellence. The final training will be held January 29-30.

“Great Expectations Winter Institute is a phenomenal seminar with brilliant instructors,” said Rhonda Bruner, educator at OKCPS Putnam Heights Elementary School, “The principles taught during the seminar are great not just for educators and students who plan to become educators, but apply to many other fields as well.”

Great Expectations conferences are devoted to personal and professional development as it pertains to being a Great Expectations teacher. Educators who successfully implement the practices in their own classrooms during the school year teach the Great Expectation sessions. These instructors model the kinds of learning strategies and community-building activities that they teach their students, so each educator has practical strategies educators can take back to the classroom.

“The institutes, our core training experiences, are about educators learning practical strategies that create an optimal learning atmosphere in classrooms,” said Linda Dzialo, CEO and president of Great Expectations.

Over 50,000 educators have attended Great Expectations training since 1991, and more than 350,000 students are taught by Great Expectations teachers every year. There are currently trained educators in 18 states in America, the Virgin Islands, Mexico and Japan.