Great Expectations – L.W. Westfall celebrates 14 years as Model School

By Ryan Horton of the Choctaw Times

L.W. Westfall Elementary has been named a Great Expectations Model School for the 14th consecutive year. As the entire school gathered for their weekly Friday morning assembly the students and staff at Westfall had a lot to celebrate March 31 as a representative from Great Expectations was in attendance to present the school with the seemingly annual honor. This most recent announcement follows a long history of high achievement as Westfall continues to set an example for not only the Choctaw-Nicoma Park district, but the entire state. Once earning the Model School status this title is not guaranteed each year.

Regular and detailed reviews of schools and staff are a part of the Great Expectations Program, and evaluations determine a school’s rank within the program each year.

This year Westfall received the prestigious designation for the 14th straight year.

The Great Expectations Program, founded in 1991, is a scientifically-based research educational reform model that is bringing major change and innovation to PK-12 public and private school classrooms.

The program represents an approach to learning meant to empower teachers to expect and to get the best from students, while rekindling the excitement of discovery among both students and teachers, and push everyone involved to greater heights of achievement.

The basic principles of the program are: high expectations for students, a learning climate based on mutual respect between student and teacher, student self-esteem, a belief that all students can learn, positive teacher attitude, and highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers who inspire and enable students to achieve success.