Expectation Four – Elementary

Culture Connection

Life Principle:
ESPRIT DE CORPS - devotion among members of a group for each other and group’s purpose

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless.” - Mother Teresa

Teacher: "Kind words"
Students: “Are easy to speak.”

Sign Language

Hand Sign for Expectation #4
Use sign for Cheer:
Hand makes the letter, ‘C’
and repeatedly brushes up
the side of chest.



"Because I'm Happy"** 3.52 min.

Celebration Song with lyrics** 3:34 min.


"Inspiration"**   45 sec.

"Sportsmanship"**    59 sec.


 "The Eagle and the Chicken"

The Bulls and the Lion - Aesop’s Fable

"MIke Mulligan and His Steam Shovel" by Virginia Lee Burton

"Thank you, Mr. Falkner"** video by Patricia Polacco, 16:38 min.

Short Stories:
"The Lame Boy" The Moral Compass, William Bennett, p. 378-379

“Beautiful”, The Book of Virtues by William Bennett, p. 134


LEXICON: Complete at least three.

1. Write the word.
2. What do you notice about the word.
a. # of letters
b. # of consonants, vowels
3. Create a math problem with the #’s.
4. Count the number of syllables
5. Define the word.
6. Draw a picture representing the

Word Wall Vocabulary: devotion, praise

Note: Reference Lexicon Resource

Vocabulary (P 8,11)

The Vocabulary Rap
Find your word and step it out.
Color code what it’s all about.
Blend it, say it, make it complete
Repeat it together, don’t skip a beat.
What’s our word?
Say it again.
Now let’s clap it.
Now let’s stomp it.
Now let’s whisper it.
Now let’s spell it.


Introductory Activity

The Magic Triad P.E.N.N.Y.

Praise - Encouragement- Needed - Now -Yes!

1 penny for every student
A bowl with lots of pennies

Give every student a penny and explain that it is going to represent a silent way of praising or encouraging someone. Brainstorm what praise and encouragement may look like and sound like. (See ’T’ Chart activity sheet) Discuss when it is appropriate to give praise and when to give encouragement. Explain that the pennies are going to be used to give each other praise or encouragement at appropriate times during class. They may be given with words or silently. Discuss/role play what that will look like in your class.

Cooperative Learning

Pair Share: (P 3,5,6)

1 - If students are seated on floor: Designate ‘elbow buddies’.

2 - If students are seated at tables: Assign table partner.

3 - If students are standing: Have students walk around and on a designated signal, find a partner near them. Those students without a partner raise their hands and find one.

4 - Have pairs share with each other, then with other pairs, other teams, or the entire group.

Writing Activity

Have students draw a picture and write about a time when he/she praised or encouraged someone.

Brain Break

 Brain Break: "Go Bananas"** 5 min.  Celebration


Some of the online videos have brief advertisements attached at the beginning that may be inappropriate for viewing by students and need to be cued before showing.