Expectation Six – Elementary

Culture Connection

Life Principle: EFFORT
- Doing one’s best in an endeavor

Quote:  "No bees, no honey, no work, no money."- Unknown

Teacher: "No bees, no honey,"
Students: "No work, no money."

Sign Language

Hand Sign for Expectation #6
Use sign for Applaud:
Clap several times quickly while hands move forward.



"Everything is Awesome"** 2:44 min. Lyrics

"Brand New Day"** by Glenn Colton 2:32 min. Lyrics


Encouragement** - Concert 1 min.



"The Crow and the Pitcher"Aesop’s Fable

"Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?" by Dr. Seuss, K-4th

“Bear Says Thanks” by Karma Wilson, PreK - 3rd

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig Story Video**

Short Story:
"Jackie Robinson", The Children’s Book of HeroesWilliam Bennett, p. 29-34

"Thinking" -Walter D. Wintle G.E. Manual, p. 19


LEXICON: Complete at least three.

  1. Define the word.
  2. What do you notice about the word.
    a. # of letters
    b. # of consonants, vowels
  3. Create a math problem with the #’s.
  4. Use the word in a meaningful sentence.
  5. Write all parts of speech for the word.
  6. Analyze for root word, prefixes, suffixes.

Word Wall Vocabulary: endeavor

Vocabulary (P 8, 11)

Word Match

Create Word cards that may be cut in half. (See Template) Preprint or have students write selected vocabulary on the cards. Precut or have students cut. Collect and distribute randomly. Have students find the other half of their word card. Have pairs line up and share their word with the group.


Introductory Activity

'Our Personal Best' Poster

2.5 x 2.5” Sticky notes
Poster or large sheet of chart paper

Distribute a sticky note to every student. As a class or in groups brainstorm potential talents or services they might contribute toward a meaningful project. Have each write their name and a talent or service on their note and post it on the prepared poster.
Allow time to share with their Pair Share partner.
Extension: Plan a Make A Difference Day

Celebrate everyone’s effort!

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning Structure
Pair Share: (P 3,5,6)

  1. If students are seated on floor: Designate ‘elbow buddies’.
  2. If students are seated at tables: Assign table partner.
  3. If students are standing: Have students walk around and on a designated signal, find a partner near them. Those students without a partner raise their hands and find one.
  4. Have pairs share with each other, then with other pairs, other teams, or the entire group.

Writing Activity

Journal or illustrate their talent or service.

Brain Break

Brain BreakThe Hokey Pokey** 2:20 min.     Celebration


Some of the online videos have brief advertisements attached at the beginning that may be inappropriate for viewing by students and need to be cued before showing.