Expectation Two – Elementary

Culture Connection

Life Principle:

- Showing or Feeling Honor

Quote:Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Golden Rule


Teacher: "Do unto others"

Students: "as you would have them do unto you."

Sign Language

Hand Sign for Expectation #2

Use sign for Respect:
With right hand make letter ‘R’;
‘R’ hand arcs in and down near forehead.



Respect Song** 2:54 min Lyrics

Look Through My Eyes with lyrics** 4:02 min.

"Coat of Many Colors"** 3:06 min. Lyrics


Compassion video ** 1:19 min.

Character ** 45 sec.

"The Golden Rule"** 2:44 min.



Why Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves, The Moral Compass, William Bennett, pg. 386-387


"Hooray for Wodney Wat" by Helen Lester

Hooray for Wodney Wat video**

"Coat of Many Colors"

Short Stories:

St. Godric and The Stag - St. Godric


“MYSELF” by Edgar Guest


LEXICON: Complete at least three.

  1. Write the word.
  2. What do you notice about the word.
    1. # of letters
    2. # of consonants, vowels
  3. Create a math problem with the #’s.
  4. Count the number of syllables.
  5. Define the word.
  6. Draw a picture representing the word.

Word Wall Vocabulary: sarcasm

Note: Reference Lexicon Resource

Vocabulary (P 8.11)

The Vocabulary Rap

Find your word and step it out.
Color code what it’s all about.
Blend it, say it, make it complete
Repeat it together, don’t skip a beat.
What’s our word?
Say it again.
Now let’s clap it.
Now let’s stomp it.
Now let’s whisper it.Now let’s spell it.’


Introductory Activity


A paper heart for each student

A Book or story such as “Hooray for Wodney Wat”

- As the story is read, students are to tear a piece off their heart each time they hear an unkind action. Relate to students personal experiences.

- Using Pair/Share Structure have students discuss the following:

  1. Describe how do you think Rodney felt when he wasn’t able to pronounce his ‘r’s?
  2. How did his classmates act towards Wodney?
  3. How did he become a hero?

Option: Use ‘HAND’Y Curriculum (instruction page) to identify in the story the Who, When, Where, What, How, and an example of Expectation #2 being demonstrated.

Cooperative Learning

Pair Share: (P 3,5,6)

1 - If students are seated on floor: Designate ‘elbow buddies’.

2 - If students are seated at tables: Assign table partner.

3 - If students are standing: Have students walk around and on a designated signal, find a partner near them. Those students without a partner raise their hands and find one.

4 - Have pairs share with each other, then with other pairs, other teams, or the entire group.

Writing Activity

Create a ’T’ chart either as a whole group or individually comparing Wodney Wat at the beginning of the story and then at the end of the story.

Brain Break

 Brain Break: "Going On A Bear Hunt"** 5:54 min.  Celebration



Some of the online videos have brief advertisements attached at the beginning that may be inappropriate for viewing by students and need to be cued before showing.