Life Principles

Life Principle Online Resource Guide

Goal:  Provide G.E. educators with an online implementation resource for the Life Principles

Elements for each of 36 Life Principles:

  1. Printable Life Principle poster with definition
  2. Printable Quote poster for each Life Principle

The  Life Principles listed in the right hand menu have the following expanded lesson materials:

Levels: There are materials for grades Pre-K – 2, Elementary, and Middle School/High School within each lesson.


Key:   Words in blue are active online web links
Words in green are links to printable resource materials

I.   Life Principle Web Link Wheel

A.  Life Principle Word:  Clicking on the blue Life Principle word links to the word in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Clicking on the Life Principle Word in Spanish links to the Spanish dictionary


B.  Life Principle – Definition poster:  Clicking on the green Life Principle word links to a printable poster of the Life Principle definition.

C. QFT Lesson - Link to “Developing the Life Principle of _________”
Includes Printable Materials:
1. Definition LP poster
2. Quote Poster for LP
3. Mind map
4. QFT Lesson - Question Focused Technique -Lesson materials for use in developing the life principle including:
a. Life Principle in English and Spanish with dictionary links
b. Key Ideas
c. Vocabulary/Lexicon Activity and sign language
d. Group Activity
e. Open and closed ended questions explanation with sign language for          ‘open’ and ‘closed’
f. Whole Group Instruction – Leading a Discussion about Questioning
g. Life Application Lesson link
h. Life Principle Reflection Strategy

D.  Mind Map -  Link to a Life Principle Activity using a printable Mind map

E.  Lessons:

1)  Life Principle Literature Lesson (2 pages) Click on one of two levels:

Elementary or MS/HS   
The lessons include a fable/myth and brief level appropriate activities

2) Life Application Lessons - Resources for real life application

3) Links to one of the related Eight Expectations with Literature, Music, Videos, Vocabulary, Writing Prompts, and Activities
3 Levels: Elementary Middle School High School

F.  Quotes about Life Principle - Resource Sheet of quotes and links to printable posters and author biographies

G.  Poems about Life Principle - Link to "Poems about the Life Principle"

H.  Resources -  Contains websites and other resource links to books, stories, videos, articles, etc. about  the Life Principle at identified levels