Resources on Friendship

Resources on FRIENDSHIP

Below are a sampling of the resource materials that may be used to identify and evaluate the use of the life principle of Friendship. It is suggested that evidence of this life principle or the lack of it may be found in almost any writing, flim, etc. It is recommended for learners to be engaged in a continuous search for life principle connections as part of the critical reading process.

Tool for Evaluating Components of Types of Media:

Level 1:
"Since We're Friends:  An Autism Picture Book"   by Celeste Shally
Two boys navigating social situations and building friendship

"How To Be A Friend"  by Laurie Krasny Brown (Author) and  Marc Brown (Illustrator) 

"I Can Be A Superfriend"  Free Downloadable and Printable book, –  Includes power point  & Spanish versions for classroom use

“Do You Want to be My Friend”  by Eric Carle
"Do You Want to be my Friend?"  lesson plan 

"How to Lose All Your Friends" by Nancy Carlson
Video:  "How to Lose All Your Friends" video    2:56 min.

Teaching Guide to Using Books by Nancy Carlson  This is a 23 page online guide for the books  PreK – K.
Level 1, 2 –
Friendship Soup Recipe Friendship – 3:12 min.


Level 1,2
"You Can Count on Me"   Song by Bruno Mars

Level 1, 2 
"You've Got a Friend in Me"   lyrics/music  -  2:05 min.   Toy Story


Level 2 Books:

"An Unlikely Friendship"  by Ann Rinaldi A friendship between Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley

Level 2 Stories:
How Robin Hood Met Little John  Adapted from Henry Gilbert,   “The Book of Virtue”, William Bennett  p. 308-311

"Little Girls Wiser than Men"  by Leo Tolstoy,   “The Book of Virtue”, William Bennett  p. 318-319