Resources on Responsibility


  • Clifford Gets a Job The focus of this lesson is to help children learn how to be responsible at home and school through meaningful reading and language experiences.

            Grades: PreK–K, 1–2
            Clifford Gets A Job Video  4:34 min.  Reading of the book 
            Lesson Plan by Scholastic 

Goodreads List of Books on Responsibility 




Grades 3-12


  • Responsibility  3:08 min.  -  A brief "trigger film" that is especially suited for pre-teens and early teens, discussing the challenges and rewards of taking on responsibility 
  • Responsibility  1:42 min.   Taking responsibility means making decisions, taking action, setting high standards, learning from our mistakes and always doing what we say. We take ownership of our work, always trying to be better, thinking differently and challenging convention.
  • Film Prodigy The Responsibility Project  - 9:48 min.  short story of student  

Other Resources: