Resources on Service

Resources on Service:
Key:    Level 1:   Pre K – 4th            
            Level 2:   5th  – 12thOut

Level 1
"The Princess Who Wanted to Be Beautiful"   Fable:  The Princess Who Wanted to Be Beautiful, p 365-66, Moral Compass 

Honest Abe” p 46-49,  Children’s Book of Virtues, William Bennett


The Trees of the Dancing Goats (Aladdin Picture Books): Patricia Polaaco ...

Scholastic Teacher Plan for The Trees of the Dancing Goats

Trees of the Dancing Goats Lesson Plan - HomeschoolShare

How to Heal a Broken Wing    by Bob Graham  K - Grade 2

Level 1  
"Each Kindness"  by Jacqueline Woodson   7:26 min.   Each little thing we do goes out, like a ripple into the world.

Level 1 , 2 
"A Helping Hand" ”by Ray Hansell

"At Set of Sun"   by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Let Me Be A Giver"  by Mary Carolyn Davies

 Level 2
Poetry:  "He Who Serves"by Edgar Guest

"The Two Gifts"  Retold by Lilian Gask, Moral Compass, William Bennett,
 p 435-436


Pay It Forward to Student recognized for Kindness  -  4:01 min.   

Restoring Faith in Humanity - helping others in need   YouTube video  3:56 min.

Runner Helps Opponent Across Finish Line     2:26 min

Level 1, 2
Real Life Service Stories: - This site offers resources to plan a volunteer project. It also has examples of projects other youth have participated in and a database that may be searched for possibilities in your area. This link provides multiple resources to begin.

Google  - Youth Service America - This is a website for introducing service projects for youth; has ideas, how to start, a pledge, and a way to share the project online.